At TKT Ministries, we seek to provide holistic healing and growth opportunities where people can connect with community, reach their full potential, and pass it forward through TKT Serves community outreach, TKT Plays community building events, suicide prevention, and guiding people to reach their fullest potential.


The Kitchen Table Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded by Marc and Melissa D’Aunoy in 2006. TKT Ministries’ heart is to make mental health services more accessible to individuals and communities, especially those without financial means, and provide opportunities to pass it forward through service projects and community building events.

TKT ministries provides suicide prevention, free educational seminars, scholarships for personal growth retreats, and discounts for counseling including individual counseling, marriage and family counseling, and life coaching.

We aim to create an inviting, safe space where you can come as you are to reclaim your identity and reframe your story. We partner with counselors and coaches that guide you to live transformed: body, soul, spirit around your own kitchen table.

We believe all people have within themselves the ability to heal their mind, body and spirit. We provide the necessary support, education, and guidance for people to heal, to reach their fullest potential in life, and to pass it forward.


  • Community Outreach and Disaster Relief: TKT Serves
  • Community Building Events: TKT Plays
  • Free educational seminars (including monthly recall healing workshops)
  • 3 free sessions to stabilize people at risk of committing suicide
  • Scholarships for Growth Challenge Weekends, Growth Challenge Teen, and other services
  • Discounts for all services available at The Kitchen Table Counseling and Life Coaching ( including individual counseling, marriage and family counseling, and life coaching.)


  • Aim For Mental Health Fundraiser; suicide awareness and prevention
  • Vermilion Parish Teacher Self-care Seminar
  • TKT paints LAFAYETTE sign for Mental Health Awareness Month
  • Light House Girls’ Home flower beds for hope

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